Difference between punching and drifting

punch vs a drift

The punch is the type of hard metal that is present with the very sharp tip at one of their end and at the other end which will be struck by a hammer. So it comes under the hammer and this kind of tool is highly used in the woodworks.

The main purpose of the usage of this tool is to strike the punch over the surface of the substrates. Other than this these punches have a variety of functions and they usually get different in their size, so based on your purpose you can purchase the one you need.

What is punching?

Punching is creating a hole on the surface through punching them, it is just a process that is done with the help of a tool called a punch, which comes under the category of the hammer.

They are used in carpentry work also and using this tool you can put the center punch that is usually used to make a hole in their center.

Most people used to think the punch and the drift are the same but it is not the truth, if you want to get an idea about both of these things, first you should know about the difference between a punch and a drift. So that you can easily differentiate these things.

Not only for the center punch it is also used to make the prick punch, which is similar to center punch but it is used for marking out.

This kind of punch will have the angled tip that is to create a narrower and deeper indentation. Then it can be enlarged with the help of the center punch. Punching is creating a hole

What is drifting?

The drifting is misleadingly named one and it is not traditionally called the punch. But the truth is enlarging and the reshaping of the hole that is to a specific dimension and shape is said to be the drift. But there is a misconception among the people about both of these things.

Not like the punch, the drift usually contains the slight taper to smaller on stuck end. It is to ensure that it falls through the work-piece.

At first, the drift punch will be initiated with the tapered rod with the hammer and them it will be placed into the semi-aligned bolt. Later with the forces, it will be developed into a hole.

When it comes to a punch vs a drift, both of these tools get differ in their work so both of these things will be not compared.drift punch will be initiated with the tapered rod with the hammer

Final thoughts

When you know these things you can make use of them in the way you want so it is better to grasp the knowledge on the topic.