How to start a new business in USA as a foreigner

new business in USA as a foreigner

Many foreigners from the different parts of the world would like to start a new business in USA in order to earn more profits. There is a bigger question in most of the foreigner’s mind that can a foreigner open a business in usa?

foreigner open a business in usa

If you require a professional help to start your new business in the USA, you can approach the US Small Business Administration which is definitely a great resource for everyone. It will give you highly comprehensive information about opening a small business in this country.

This resource also helps you to know more about the green card renewal fee, need for the green card, visa requirements, how to apply visa and type of a visa, how to choose your company name and everything to successfully start a new business in United States.

Starting a new business in America can be really exciting to everyone but at the same time it is scary too. There are increasing complexity to open a new business in this country as a non-resident. First of all, you should have to understand all the economic and political climate in the United States and also the status of your specific business field there.

Opening a new business in United States:

The very good news for all the foreigners is that the steps to starting a business in usa are really very simple for you. At the same time, there are more significant resources available to help you in these steps. Such resources will break down all your complexities related to opening your new US business. There are probably two various types of the corporate entities can be opened by the non-residents in the USA. They include,

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Corporation (C-Corp)

There is also another one additional option which is known as S-Corporations that are often suggested to the foreigners. It is quite attractive and also exclusive business option also to the permanent residents and citizens of US. The foreigners are often suggested to form the corporation instead of the LLC in order to get full benefits of foreign investment.

Start Your Own Business

Actually, the non-residents who are all willing to open a new business in the United States don’t need to have Visa. Even though having a US business, it doesn’t give you the enough rights to live in the country so you should have to get visa if you prefer to live here.

Company registration to open US business:

The US state in which you are going to start your new business is a perfect state to register your company. While registering your company name and all other details, you have to bring all the required company registration documents without fail. Delaware and Nevada states are greatly inexpensive when it comes to the business registration for the foreign entrepreneurs. State to state, the process of company registration vary so first of all you should have to understand your state’s registration procedure and then do the basic steps and requirements.